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My Music

Updated 10/11/05 - 6 Songs

Chill Song

1.3 Megabytes

This is a song I made in garage band a while ago but never got around to uploading it. It's not really finished, but I kinda like it anyways. I made this before I even had a MIDI keyboard, so I had to pencil in the lead notes with the mouse... That's probably why I cut the song short...

The Techno Blues

3.9 Megabytes

A different type of techno with a unique "blues" aspect to it. Enjoy the calm and surrounding vibes of the Techno Blues.

Hard Techno

4 Megabytes

My very first creation using Apple's Soundtrack application. Granted, I didn't create any of these songs from scratch, but then again, I don't have a sound studio, or even a keyboard. This is good to keep you awake while coding or something.

Smooth Techno

2.6 Megabytes

My second try (and probably the best) at creating a techno. It has a very light tone that helps you to think clearly.


2.3 Megabytes

This song was easy to create because most ambient techno songs use very few tracks — to avoid cluttering the mood.


2.2 Megabytes

This one is just strange. It's the result of a poor attempt to create classical music. It takes a turn from classical and even goes into some polka at the end... This contains the largest amount of loops because Soundtrack isn't really designed for classical music, as it is ever-changing.

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