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Updated 1/29/06

TCPRelay is a command line utility written in java designed to relay TCP connections for servers. What does that mean? It means that you can run a server on your machine, be behind a firewall and God knows what else, and still be able to host a server (as long as outgoing connections are allowed). It requires only that you have access to another computer (called a remote relay) that does allow servers, and for that machine to have java installed.

Hate writing truth tables? Wish there was something that did them for you... free?? Here it is.

Loader3DS (and not 3DS Loader as I would like because java can't have numbers starting the package names) is a loader for the Xith game library that loads 3DS Max files. It is a port (with permission) of an excellent 3DS loader for Java3D by Josh DeFord. I am no longer working or supporting this project, and as it is released under the BSD License, anyone can finish the animation part of it.

More information about this can be found here.

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